Czechmachines We cut the paper...

Welcome to Czech Machines s.r.o., developer and producer of machines and equipment for polygraphic industry.

Czech Machines s.r.o. is a successor of BOVA plus, s.r.o. founded on 1995, successfull producer of label cutting machines like  LABEL STAR and LABEL-CUT.

ICMDuring years 2011-12 and under our new name, Czech Machines s.r.o. and based on Karroh s.r.o. company request, a new line of semi-automatic NC Index Cutting Machines ICM12 was developed and installed. 
Thanks to Czech Ministry of Industry and Trade project TRIO FV10592, a new product line ICM16 with dual cutting head was successfully developed.

We also go on production and refurbishing of older label cutting machines and polygraphic equipment like metal sheet punchers, vibration tables, special tools and paper-cutting knives, as well as by own production of: - webdesign: RP '2013